10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You  Needed!!


In the World Wide Web, there are millions of website under millions of unique domain name. Selecting few websites as best ones can be quite tough. As different people have different taste and preference, those lists can vary quite much. But, I can at least assure that you will find this list of websites really useful. You may have probably heard about some of them but I doubt all of them. Let me start with my list of 10 cool websites you never knew you needed.

1.Virus Total

Let us start . Number one on our list is “Virus Total”. This site definitely falls under the remarkably useful category. It’s called “VirusTotal”. What it does is it scans the file that you upload to the site.

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


If you download any suspicious file and your antivirus do not see that as harmful , this is useful.Just upload that file and the site checks it from several other antivirus programs.

Other case could be that you think a file is harmless and your antivirus shows that as harmful.In both cases, this site is really helpful.

Additionally , they offer a feature where you can search any website as well. If someone , somewhere, send you a link , you can check it easily whether it contains malware or not. This can be really handy sometimes. I suggest you check this site out.


2. Windows93

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


Next one on the list is a fun and interactive website i.e “Windows 93”. It emulates version of windows from 1993. Though , it is not historically accurate , you sure will have a fun experience.

There are many windows 93 themed apps and games that you can use.Just check the site for yourself. There are a ton of stuff you can do to waste your time.Feel free to have this joyous experience.

3. Have I Been Pwned

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


Alright, number three is another important one, called “HavelBeenPwned”. In recent times, you may have heard about email leaks and data leaks.You may sometimes wonder whether your email was compromised by anyone or not.The point of this website is to check whether your email was actually compromised.

The way it works is, the site collects database when any potential breach ever occurs. When you type in your email, it checks your email over that database. That way, you know if your email was ever breached or not.

Another really important feature this site offers is you can sign up using your email to get notifications if your email is found during future data breaches.Let will let you know when that happens.  I personally recommend everyone to use this site and check their email regularly.I checked my email and found that my email was Pasted somewhere else in public.


4. 10-minute mail 

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


Number four, we have a website called “10minutemail”. It generates a temporary email address for you that expires in 10 minutes. This is great if you come across a website that requires you to signup for an account to use it, but you know you’ll probably never use it again.

This site generates a throwaway email address for you so you don’t have to worry about your email getting hit by spam website. I personally, use this site whenever I visit a new site that asks for my email.


5. PixaBay

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


Down to Number five. Pixabay is an awesome stock photo website and every single one of the pictures on this website are royalty free. This is a public domain and people release their work here so the general public can use it as they want.

It is very useful if you need a photo for your Youtube thumbnail or any purpose.You don’t have to worry about any copyright claims. There are a ton of really cool, high-quality images on here. You can usually find at least something you can work with.Let us continue with my list of 10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed .


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6. Coffitivity

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


Well, here is an interesting one. Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a café to boost your creativity and help you work better.It might be a weird experience for some but many find it very useful.While alone at home, anyone can just listen to these sounds and feel being in a working atmosphere.


7. Wifi QR code Generator

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


Some mobile devices let you share your Wifi through QR code, but not all. If you want to share or store your password in form of QR-code then this site is really useful. You just have to type in your wifi SSID, Password and the site will do the rest. It generates a QR relative to the information you provide, which you can store or do whatever you like.


8. JustDeleteMe

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


I personally never thought this kind of site even exists. JustDeleteMe is a website that makes deleting your account from any site/service easy. Just type in the site/service of which you want to delete your account. Boom, you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching through settings.

The site does that for you. Just click on the service name you search and then follow the link. It redirects you straight to account deletion page of that service.

It categories sites with difficulty in reaching the account deletion phase. Some sites let you delete your account easily. While some do not want you to do so and hide the option such that it is difficult to find.

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


I typed in Facebook and got the search result. Clicked it, then I was redirected to Facebook account deactivation page. This is easy as a blink. I highly recommend this site, if you want to go through such process.


9. Radio Garden

Radio Garden is a site that lets you listen to any radio stations worldwide. In your period of boredom, you might ever want to listen what other countries radio stations offer. Then this site is for you.

10. Sleepy Time

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed


Let us end our list with an interesting site. Sleepy time is all about your sleep. Yup, your Sleep!!. You might sleep and wake up at random hours. But, research says for a good sleep, you should sleep maintaining your ‘sleep cycle’.

Meaning, your body mood changes with different hours of sleep.If you ever wanted to figure out the best ‘sleeping cycle’ then this site is for you.

You can find out when to get up if you go to bed now.You can also calculate which time to sleep so that you can be in the best mood when you wake up at a fixed time.


So I guess that’s my list of 10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed. They are a bunch of cool websites that I think you’ll find pretty cool. Maybe you knew most of them, but you can always send this to friends and let them know about these too.

If you have any awesome sites I didn’t talk about, let me know in the comments.I had fun writing and researching about this.

If you liked this article I might make another list of cool websites. The Internet is the home of many interesting ideas, you just have to look correctly to find out.  If you want to read more, do check out my top 10 command prompt tricks you must know. Cheers!

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  1. Woow. Actually who knew that these kind of web services are there till you bring them out together? Nice job! Well done…
    Thanx for sharing…

  2. The delete email in 10 mins is really a good tip. I sometimes cringe when i have to give away my email address for sites that i know i would only use once. Thanks for this!

  3. I have to admit, the only one I have heard of (as Joan says above) is Pixabay! Thanks for broadening my mind to some new sites! I love the idea of windows 93, I’m definitely going to try that one!

  4. I generate my own website QR code and place it to my website and other marketing of my blog. Especially here in Asia were QR Codes are almost everywhere.


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