best free wordpress plugins of every catagory 2018

WordPress is the most popular and most reliable blog publishing platform. You can use WordPress on your self-hosted blog site to publish contents and create a beautiful interface. WordPress powers almost 27% of the entire internet. WordPress plugins have made this platform more popular day by day. You don’t have to code to perform complex tasks on your site. It offers drag and drop service to save you from the hassle.There are several plugins; around 55 thousand, that are present to make your life easier. Some plugins require you to go premium to get full access to its services. But there are many best free WordPress plugins that you can choose. Today we will be discussing about them.


Best  WordPress Plugins 2018  !!


Before going through those plugins let us talk about what range of services we use those plugins. If you own a WordPress website, you need to have several features enabled to make your blogging life hassle-free. Those features include Backup, Security, SEO, Page Optimization and many more.




We put so much of our time and effort building our blogs. Several hours are spent writing content for the site. Imagine, your blog being hit by a spammer or hacked by someone. Then, all of your work will go down the drain in a single click. If you somehow recover access to your blog, there are many cases of people losing all their data and contents. To prevent such events, we use WordPress plugins that help us to back up our site and recover it if needed.

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Many bloggers care less about their site backup and focus their time on other features. But, I strongly suggest all of my fellow bloggers to back up their site. Here are some of the best free WordPress Plugins to back your site.


1. Updraft Plus


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


Updraft Plus is the highest ranked WordPress backup and restoration plugin. It has more than 1 million active installations.

You can perform a scheduled backup of your website. It lets you backup contents of your site into the cloud, directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 , email and other various cloud services. Search it from ’plugins’ section in your admin dashboard. OR for direct download and additional information visit Here .


2. All in One Wp Migration

 best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


All in One Wp Migration is yet another easy to use backup and restoration service enabled plugin. You can drag and drop your site into a different location in an easy way. It is compatible with all mobile devices and has no limitation on the host or operating system.

Visit Here for additional information and direct download. Click the link and go through the tutorial video. I highly recommend this plugin.





Maintaining security of your site is another important feature that you must not miss. There is a huge completion in the current state of blogging. As more and more people start blogging, there comes a risk of fraudulent activities. If the security of your blogs is not taken care of then you may be a victim of several online attacks. Your competitors might try to brute force your site, or use several methods to crash or hack into your blogs. This is the most frightening thing for any blogger out there. To prevent such threats, there are several easy to use and mostly free plugins for WordPress. Here is my list of best free WordPress plugins for security.


1. ithemes Security

 best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


Ithemes Security is all about the security of your WordPress. This deals with the WordPress loopholes that any hacker or spammer can utilize and helps to stop automated attacks and prevent attackers from learning your website vulnerabilities. It will ban suspected users and those who try to brute force your website. ithemes offers other features with its premium mode but the services available in free is more than enough.

Visit Here for additional information and direct download.



2. WordFence

 best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


WordFence is the most popular WordPress plugin with over 2 million active installations. This is the best firewall and security scanner which scans your traffic for malicious users. It protects from brute force attacks and blocks request from users with malicious code. Not only the external part, it scans your WordPress deeply to notice any spam within themes, core files and other plugins. It is designed by team of security personals with 100 percent focus on WordPress. All in all, I highly recommend using this plugin.

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3. WPS Hide Login


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


Next one is a pretty interesting plugin for WordPress security. We all know that we have a similar URL map for accessing our WordPress admin panel. i.e for any xyz website ; “”  OR  “xyz.xom/admin” . Since it is similar, many hackers can access your login page and try to brute login your admin access. There can be various malicious activities that a spammer can do. So, in order to prevent from such threats, WPS Hide Login lets us change the URL with which we access our admin panel. You can change”anything”). You just have to bookmark the name so that you must not forget.

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It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Maintaining SEO of a website means following several practices and measures such that search engine like google/bing views your site as worthy to rank in its search engine. Rank of any contents of a website in any search engine depends on how well its SEO is maintained. We all know, the page or the posting where our blogs is placed in the search results directly affect the traffic. There are free SEO plugins that help you in ‘on-site SEO’.Such as;


1. Yoast SEO


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


if you own a WordPress powered website you’ve most likely heard of this plugin. It is one of the most popular plugins of all time on WordPress. This plugin focuses on search engine optimization and the free version gives you pretty much everything you need in terms of ensuring that every blog post and every page of your website is SEO optimized. You will get gives suggestions and indications whether the blog is SEO ok or not. It also helps you with generating the sitemap of your website so that you can add it in search engine’s webmaster tool. I highly recommend this plugin.

Click Here for additional information and direct download.

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2. OneSignal Plugin


 best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


OneSignal is one of the simplest and yet most effective WordPress plugin for SEO. You might have gone through many websites and got option to enable/disable notification of that website. And if you accept, the notifications for every new post on that website comes right at your browser. OneSignal Plugin offers push notifications and helps you to enable that feature. According to many bloggers, it is even more effective than email marketing. It will definitely help you gain consistent traffic to your website. I highly recommend this plugin.

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3. IceGram Plugin


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


Icegram Plugin is a very useful SEO plugin. It helps you to redirect your users to other pages or opt-in for email subscriptions. You can enable popups, action bars, and notifications for your users according to your choice. This engagement with your visitors will help you to reduce the bounce rate and retract new visitors to increase traffic. I highly recommend this plugin.

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4. Monster Insights


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


Monster Insights is one of the best Google Analytics tool for your WordPress. It will show you stats that you require to be updated regarding your visitors. This is a simple plugin that allows google analytics results to show inside your WordPress dashboard and it is the best of its kind. I highly recommend this plugin for anyone who wants to have a quick look at stats in WordPress dashboard.

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5. Broken link checker


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


This is a very useful WordPress plugin for SEO. Broken link checker checks for any broken links that are affecting your SEO. If you put out a link to something and then in future, the link gets broken.In that case, if you do not remove such links if will affect your blogs authenticity as a whole. So, removing broken links and images is a must for a healthy site. And, it decreases the page load time as well. I highly recommend this plugin.

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Page optimization


Optimizing a site means taking care of factors that affect your page load time. Maintaining the page load time falls under SEO too, as SEO is not all about the google search but about your visitors too. If the page load time of your site is high, your audience will bounce back from your website. The bounce rate of your website increases which indirectly affects your web rankings and traffic. Optimizing the site by fixing broken links, compressing images, and tweaking HTML/CSS aspects of your sites will result in faster load times.

As we all know, the number of visitors are from mobile devices have increased rapidly. For them, page speed of a website plays a vital role. So, must make our blogs mobile friendly and with high page speed.You can check your page speed at google page speed checker. Let us take a look at best free WordPress plugins for page optimization.


1. WP Smush


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


WP Smush is an image compression and optimization WordPress plugin. It is very useful as images bring a high burden to your website. Without any images, your site looks dull but if you haphazardly put images it will hamper your site. In order to maintain page load times, WP Smush compresses the images present in our blogs without affecting its quality. This is a simple but very useful plugin. I highly recommend this plugin.

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2. WP Fastest Cache


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


WP Fastest Cache is a very important plugin for any kinda website. It creates a cache of a dynamic WordPress blog so that if it is loaded multiple times, it doesn’t take servers CPU much. It affects the performance of your website. Page load time determined if visitors will go through the contents of a blog or not. So, this plugin is very important for traffic standpoint too. I highly recommend this plugin.

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There are several high-quality plugins that focus on making simple tasks easier. I have placed these plugins in the utility category. Features range from creating forms, page designs to social media linkers and more. Let us take a look at general plugins that help boost your web traffic and create easy drag and drop solutions for complex problem.Here are my list of best free wordpress plugins for general category.


1. Social Media Share Buttons


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


This plugin lets you add social media icons to your blog which act as a button. Each button can be redirected to certain actions. You can redirect your visitors to your facebook page and such. We can choose how we want it to be animated and the numbers of icons. This is a very interactive plugin which helps users to interact with the blogger and his/her social platforms. It is a highly recommended plugin.

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2. Ninja Forms


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


Ninja Forms makes building contact forms in WordPress easy. You can create forms with a simple drag and drop interface. As making such forms is a hassle of a task such plugins offer a great support. Not only that, you can increase form conversions, build mailing lists, collect payments and many more.

Click Here for additional information and direct download.


3. WooCommerce


best free wordpress plugins of every catagory


WooCommerce is a free e-commerce plugin and the most used plugin of its kind. It has over 3 million active installations. It allows you to sell your products through your blogs seamlessly. The site owner has the complete control over the business. It is the best plugin for you if you want to enable such service in your WordPress.

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This is it for my list of  best free WordPress plugins.Hope I  do more of these in future. Be in touch for more content like these.

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  1. Wonderful sharing! Thank you very much for this amazing article.
    I also want to suggest one more WordPress plugin related to Google ranking called Trash Duplicate And 301 Redirect. This plugin helps to get better SEO ranking by way of deleting duplicate contents in your website and thus many you safe form Google’s penalization for duplicate content.

  2. I am still trying to navigate my way through all of the Plug-ins. I wish I could SEO like a boss. I know I will eventually, but I am hoping to read blog posts like these as the Mr. Miyagi to my Daniel. Thank you for posting!

  3. Thank you very much for such useful information! I feel that I shall be benefitted and my friends will be benefitted! WP Smush is an image compression and optimization WordPress plugin is good for me

  4. Awesome list of plug-ins. I wasn’t aware of WPS Hide Login that’s an important tip to keep in mind. What’s yours or anyone’s experience with Smush? I usually optimize my images before upload. How does that differ from Smuhsh. I may have used it in the past, not sure. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for putting this list together. Good stuff!

  5. For sometime now, I’ve been looking for a nice backup plugin and Updraft will just be awesome for me. I love how one can backup to Google Drive or even Dropbox. Will definitely be getting that asap!

  6. This is such a great and helpful post! I am always looking for best SEO plugins and I will absolutely be trying the ones that you suggested.

  7. That is the most fearful scenario I can imagine on what could happen to someone’s blog after being hacked. It is not very easy to collect back something back or reinstate it. But thanks to all this, I would careless.

  8. It’s more of a freemium than a free, but for the security section I would highly recommend checking out TraitWare (

    It eliminates usernames and passwords entirely, instead letting you manage users and sign in using your smartphone. It’s literally a touch and a scan, but with next-level multi-factor authentication built in.


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