All new 2020 Tesla Roadster

2020 roadster

Tesla Motors is an American automotive company concerned with the electric motors for the betterment of the environment. Founded in July 2003 Tesla motors suffered a little in middle and back on track in recent years. Tesla Motors was entitled to the world’s bestselling plug-in passenger car manufacturer in 2018. Tesla has recently announced the 2020 Roadster model.

Little bit of roadster history:

Back in 2008, Tesla launched its first-gen Roadster with Lotus Elise chassis as a great initiative with a lithium-ion battery. Tesla was the first production unit producing the electric car to travel 320 miles with fully single charged batteries. 2020 Roadster- the 2 seater all new electric motor embedded automobile was sold all around over 30 different countries. More than 2000 units of this model were sold to different European and Asian countries. Although the innovation was great the Roadster was quite unable to fulfil the people’s actual desires. The performance of previous Roadster didn’t last long as the customer found out different drawbacks regarding the built up of the car. The car was not practical enough as it lacked the performance.

The battery would start to heat as the car traveled long distance on the max power it could provide. Refueling of the car is also the challenge as the owner of Roadster had to wait long to charge the batteries which was not seemed practical. They were not promising one but yet fun to drive. Questions also raised on the comfortableness of the car. Thus the production of the car is stopped on 2012 following the criticisms it faced.

Full specifications new version roadster:

Roadster 2.0 is all set to launch in 2020 and you would be amazed knowing the specification. Tesla motors need to bring Roadster as version 2.0 as people were wondering about the car for so long. Changes on the 2.0 are massive as the first generation had. The design of Roadster looks pretty good and it’s more like an aggressive one. Graphics looks like more often to the Astin martin and McLaren. Features of this model is speechless. Moving towards the pickup speed it can go 0-60 miles in 1.9 seconds which is quicker than any street legal production car up to now. Not only that, it go 0-100 miles in no more than 4.2 seconds. Do you believe that?

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The top speed of the car is said to be 250 miles per hour which is absolutely stunning. Talking about the internal mechanism of this model it has got 3 motors altogether. Two motors are for back wheel and one for the front in order to produce the speed. Massive battery pack of 200 kilowatt per hour is installed on this machine which is considered as the massive change. The car can run up to 621 miles on one full charge. It’s going to be the first electric car ever to travel more than 1000km on single charge and its does not make sound. How classy is that? It’s definitely a hyper car and going to break a lot of records for sure.

There are tons of fastest production of cars on the market where the cars could travel 0-60 miles in 2.5 seconds. You can’t easily track Roadster 2.0 because 0-60 miles in only 1.9 seconds, that’s massive. There’s definitely some question to ask as the machine runs on battery and how Tesla motors gonna solve the overheating of the battery. Can the car go for long on the top speed it provides because batteries limit the performance for sure? Indeed this car is going to be an insane performer. The price of the car varies from $200000-$250000. You can buy the one if you reserve the car now.



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