best free music download apps for android

There are several sources for you to listen music on your phone. Nowadays Soundcloud , Itunes Music ,Spotify ,Youtube, and other various site/services will let you stream music online. Some of those services are free while for some you have to pay for a subscription.

But, the question remains what to do you want to listen to music offline? And without having to pay for any subscriptions.

Well,  If you are an android user, Good News! There are different android apps where you can download music for free. Not only that, they offer different services like background playing, automatic lyrics generation and many more.

I have listed out 10 free music download apps for android. This list is for anyone who is unable to support those musicians in other platforms OR who needs this certain information only.

Getting Started:

First of all, you have to enable download from unknown sources inside your settings.

Goto Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources and enable that option.

Now, you’re good to go.


List of Apps to Download your Music for free


1. Fildo


Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

Fildo is one of the most recommended app in this list. You can stream & download your favorite music quite easily. Not only that you can download whole album including the cover art.

The best part about this app is the amount of music it contains. There are several options for you to search i.e specific genre of music or your favorite artist.


2. YMusic


Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

YMusic offers download of your favorite music from youtube in lots of different formats.

The main feature of YMusic is that you can play the music even if you lock your device. This is super useful for anyone trying to listen compilation songs from youtube.


3. Snaptube 


Best Free Music Download Apps For Android


Snaptube is a multi-purpose app which lets you download videos from several sites. You can directly convert any media to mp3 and store on your android device.

It is widely popular because of its support on diverse platform. Platforms include SoundCloud, Youtube, Facebook and many more.

This is a clean and easy to use app. I highly recommend this if you were looking for multi-platform download app.



4. Peggo

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

Peggo is quite an interesting app. It lets you record any Youtube videos and SoundCloud songs. Then, it converts the recorded part to mp3.

Not just that, things are just getting started. You can manage that recorded music yourself. There are several features like background noise canceling, voice normalization, metadata discovery and so on.

If there are parts of the song you want to skip then you can easily edit that out. This is a very handy Android app. I highly recommend you check this out.


5. iTube

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

iTube is a Youtube downloader and background player. It has a very attractive interface and offers lots of features.

It is the best app to download music from Youtube. You can save any music to play while you are offline.

Background playing feature is it’s most useful one. You can listen to any music from youtube while you enjoy other sites like facebook and so on.

An additional feature includes removal of ads before any video plays on youtube. You won’t be annoyed by ads anymore. I highly recommend this app.


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6. TinyTunes 

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

TinyTunes is the speak less work hard typa guy. While it’s interface is basic compared to other apps. It offers much more than others.

Lists of songs is huge! . You can stream songs of your choice and download music for free. It is super smooth to use and no log at all.

It offers a list of top songs in every genres and periods. Also, you can listen and download top songs in itunes chart.



7. Solo Music App

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

If you listen to Bollywood music then this is for you.

Solo Music app contains high definition songs of pretty much every category. It has every bollywood and English songs you can imagine.

This app is probably the one with most diverse genres of music. The interface is very smooth and easy to use. I highly recommend you check this out.



8. Soundloader

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

Soundloader is more than just an app. It is an extension for SoundCloud. You can directly download your songs from SoundCloud and save it for later.

It offers official download links for songs on SoundCloud.


9. XTunes

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

XTunes is a great app for people all over the world. Not just limited to English, in XTunes you are allowed to choose a specific country of your interest. It can be anywhere, from USA to Africa to India.

This app has a ton of music from different countries and a whole lot of genres. From jazz to rock and even genres of select countries can be found in XTunes.

You can search for a specific artist instead. The options are unlimited. This is a great and diverse app to download music from.

It is easy to use and has a very interactive interface. All in all, XTunes is really an awesome app to download music on your android. I highly recommend you check this out.


10. YTD2


Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

The final app on our list of free music download apps for android is YTD2. YTD2 is a simple android app where you can easily download any music and videos. The interface is so easy that tasks can be completed within few clicks.

Just search for a music of your choice. Stream or download that music is upto you. Once you download the music, it is automatically stored in the downloads tab. It also has top charts of your select country.


( If you need links to those apps then just Google their name, links will appear on the first position of your search result )



This was my list of free music download apps for android. I hope you liked it.

Remember, if you can support your favorite artist by subscribing their Spotify account or such then please do it. This list is especially for people who are not able to do so.

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