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best wordpress hosting

Before getting into the best WordPress hosting 2019, you should know what Web hosting is?

This will make you clear about web hosting and the relevant ideas:

To make your site noticeable on the web, the documents and information on your website must be stored physically on a computer that is associated with the internet. Web hosting, for the most part, is an administration which enables people or association to post their webpages or embed their website on the web. This enormous high power computers that are used to store the data items are the web servers.  Web hosting gives the user the security and data transfer capacity (bandwidth) that associates your site to the web.

Think about a web hosting like a mall that contains a few individual stores. If you need to open a store at the mall, you can rent space in it and set up for business. Much the same as a mall, web hosting empowers you to rent space on their web servers where you can store your site records and make them accessible for viewers to see on the web. To accommodate a wide variety of websites and fulfill customer needs, there is a variety of hosting arrangements and solutions.

Hosting solutions are broadly classified on the measure of server space you require for your site records and the month to month amount of bandwidth your site consumes. Bandwidth is characterized as the amount of data transferred or the amount of resource usage your website requires.

Consider your shop once more. Suppose you sell only some handmade bracelets or few specified unique items then you don’t need to lease or acquire the same amount of space as the big department does. In result, you will get enough space for your items, and it will cost less cash without a doubt because you will need fewer innovations to help you through in selling the things you have.

Other than this, there are different exciting points when choosing the web hosting servers.

1.    Your budget

2.    Ease of use or complexity of the solution

3.    The degree of flexibility

4.    Privacy and security highlights.

best wordpress hosting

Websites are often targeted by malware, and there are numbers of web attacked sites around. Therefore you must have some way to detect and remove any threats, and you’ll want regular backups to help get a broken blog working again.

Managing the blog or the site, according to the period, is challenging though. When you think of creating a WordPress site, one of the initial thing you need to think about is a suitable web host according to your desire. You need to know which is the appropriate one and find the best WordPress hosting that you can afford as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of people end up neglecting or fail to choose an appropriate web host, which results in substandard web hosting quality. By choosing a reliable WordPress host, your site will perform accurate, secure, and your content will be switched online when your users need it the most.

There are tons of hosting companies offering WordPress plans, but we’ve picked out some of the best WordPress hosting of 2019 to point which helps to direct you inappropriate track or direction. Whether you’re a first-time user or you want to start a big business, there’s something for you to help you with, and with prices starting at around a pound per month, it’s worth taking the time to find out more.

Whichever hosting server you are going to choose the three things you should always remember:

•    Speed – also known as load time.

•    Uptime – needs to be at least 99.94% and above 99.94 % is still superior.

•    Customer Support – the support team, should help you in solving related hosting problems in less amount of time.

Following are the best WordPress hosting of 2019:


Starting with: 2.95$ per month plus free domain

best wordpress hosting

Uptime: 99.99%

Support/help: 10/10

Bluehost is most preferred and comes in the top of the best wordpress hosting if you are willing for some better web hosting around the internet. A lot of budget hosting companies fail to deliver the relevant features, reliability and performance for high traffic need, but BlueHost leads you there. If you are of a demanding type and wish to have premium hosting, Bluehost will give you much better results.

Having its VPS-based architecture, Bluehost delivers optimum WordPress performance via NGINX, a custom PHP-FPM setup and intelligently allocated resources through KVM hypervisor.

 The basic plan starts at $2.95 per month for the initial term. This means 50GB SSD storage, a free domain for one year along with $50 Marketing Credit. Apart from this, you will be provided with features like;

1.    Fast scalability which is you can upgrade to a VPS solution

2.    Easy one-click WordPress installation

3.    Enhanced guiding panels is more comfortable to use for beginners

4.    Free SSL certificate for the betterment of security.

BlueHost is hosting more than 2 million websites on the internet. The support team will be there for you 24/7 if you are in trouble which makes the access easier. The support team is highly responsive and quick enough to guide or help you in case of site malfunctioning or site issues. So, BlueHost stands first on the list mentioning all the features above.

More about the BlueHost


tsohost hosting

It is comparatively suitable for UK customers starting with 5$ per month. The price range of this hosting is categorized into Business and Ecommerce purpose staring with 12$ and 34$ simultaneously. TsoHost is of excellent value pricing, which provides 24/7 support on the basic plan.

Managed WordPress packages can often seem highly-priced. Many hosting servers charge significant premiums for impressive sounding claims – optimized servers, malware scanning – that are difficult to evaluate or confirm.

TsoHost is primarily focused on providing the core WordPress essentials at a very fair price.

The baseline Startup plan provides you with a free domain name with unlimited bandwidth support. It will migrate your existing site and includes Let’s Encrypt SSL along with daily backups and can restore any of the last 30 days files with a click. There’s 24/7 support, mailing, phone and live chat are available until midnight.

Starting with the regular site TsoHost provides 15GB storage and 100,000 page views a month whereas Business plan helps you get 50GB of storage, and up to 500,000 page views up to eight websites maximum. This sounds more capable with very reasonable price at  $11.50(£8.78) a month or  $9.62 per month paid annually or $8.65 per month.

With all the features provided, it’s hard to complain at this price, and Tsohost is continuously delivering a capable and required service with more than enough power for smaller sites.


wordpress hosting

Uptime: 99.99%

Support/help: 10/10

Starting with 3.95$ per month, it is regarded as one of the most commonly used WordPress host. Siteground provides fast speed along with great customer support and high levels of security and is one of the four hosts recommended by worldwide. Their servers are located worldwide, and around 800000 websites around the world are under Siteground hosting.

The features offered by the Siteground are listed below:

•    Supports 1-click WordPress installer

•    Your site will always be running on the latest version of WordPress as it updates automatically.

•    A free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

•    Good uptime, continuous stable speed and best WordPress support.

•    Built-in website caching for greater improvement in site performance and loading speeds.

Talking about the bad aspect of Siteground, it comes up with an expensive GoGeek plan. Beyond the features mentioned above the customer also gets access to a dedicated support team 24 hours a week. With the various hosting packages and services offered, you’ll surely find out that it is the perfect fit for your WordPress website.

Siteground price and more

InMotion Hosting:

inmotion hosting

Uptime: 99.94% making the least load time.

Support/ help: 8/10


Founded in early 2001 InMotion, it is quite a privately held hosting provider with 30000 domains worldwide. They claim themselves as the “best web hosting for business”, and their price starts from $4.99. It is also by far the best host for the plans. It is of average speed in the hosting industry, which seems slowest than the HostGator and BlueHost but not the worst. Keep in mind that it is not the cheapest host but is a reliable hosting provider.

Some additional features provided by the InMotion hosting are listed below:

•    Automated WordPress core updates

•    Unlimited disc space, bandwidth, and email no matter which plans you choose

•    24/7 support from the WordPress team in case of hassle or an issue.

•    Free daily website backups

Talking about the cons of InMotion Hosting, it is seen that there’s no instant account access. Which means if you are a residence outside of North America or you are an international customer, there can be some time delay and a hassle when you try to verify your new account.

They seem to be the cheaper deal around the world, indifferent reviews; it is found that InMotion is reliable, highly professional and honest indeed. Eventually, you will think that the price is worth paying. It is providing an exceptional 90-day money-back guarantee which gives you plenty of opportunities to find out for yourself.

In overall you would be ok with the service but don’t expect much more.


best wordpress hosting

Uptime: 99.97%

Support/help: 10/10 (you will be getting all support which enables resolving the bug)

Choosing the best hosting provider is never an easy job. HostGator has been one of the best all-rounder host which was founded back in 2003 and later on sold to EIG (Endurance international group). It provides the service starting with 2.75$ charges a month. They are equipped with a 99% uptime guarantee.

According to the website statistic, they host more than 10 million domains, which makes them the largest web host across the globe. They are the biggest hosting provider on the planet so far and are the third fasted web hosting provider. The downside of the HostGator is that there’s no free SSL certificate for your site.

Some of the best features provided by the HostGator includes.

•    It follows easy patterns to use WordPress cloud interface

•    Adjustable to higher levels of traffic

•    Quick installation of WordPress and site transfer

•    Adaptable to higher levels of traffic

•    High-level security protection

It usually delivers powerful hosting plans for a reasonable or fair price with exceptional features. It can handle 100,000 visits a month on the basic service.

Jumping up to the Business plan section of HostGator it gets you more CPU power and supports for up to three sites maximum. It can handle 500,000 visits a month, yet still costs only $9.95.

Smart caching and a CDN are there to enhance the performance of your site and 24/7 support helps keep your website visible and running. Apart from this, there are some surprise bonus features which includes free domain privacy to protect from identity theft and reduce annoying spam.

If you are accounted with any problems, then there’s a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. As same as the other hosting companies, HostGator won’t cover any domain registration money and it still provides the better deal.

HostGator complete pricing

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