best free wordpress plugins of every catagory 2018

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018: Under Every Category

WordPress is the most popular and most reliable blog publishing platform. You can use WordPress on your self-hosted blog site to publish contents and create a beautiful interface. WordPress powers almost...
vlc media player hidden features

VLC Media Player Secret Features 2018

VLC Media Player Hidden Features !!!   VLC media player is the most versatile media player in the market. Regular windows comes with default media player, but we all know how it is....
4 steps to convert mp3 to midi

Convert MP3 to MIDI

Top 4 MP3 to MIDI Converters !!   Conversion from MP3 to MIDI is very popular especially among music producers, who want MP3 file into musical notations. A MIDI file is not the...
10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed

10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You Needed

  10 Cool Websites You Never Knew You  Needed!!   In the World Wide Web, there are millions of website under millions of unique domain name. Selecting few websites as best ones can be...
facebook announced new feature to unsend messages

Facebook’s New Feature To Unsend Messages

Facebook is about to add a new feature in it’s messaging platform. At the light of recent controversies regarding facebook and public data breach, Facebook's new feature to unsend  messages is announced. It...
Xiaomi Mobiles Latest Price in Nepal

Xiaomi Mobiles Latest Price in Nepal

In the occasion of new year, Xiaomi Nepal has reduced the price tag of it's Mi and Redmi Series. Let us see Xiaomi mobiles latest price in Nepal with their key...
lina wassong , smart dress

Lina Wassong’s Smart Dress With a Sixth Sense

Well, everybody knows that the technology has surprised us by setting the new target in the technical world. We find each and everything is connected to different technical devices or software by...
acer announced first chromebook tablet acer tab 10

Acer Announced First Chromebook Tablet Acer Tab 10

Acer has announced the first tablet to run Chrome OS “the Acer Chromebook Tab 10” a day before Apple’s new low-cost model iPad announcement. Chrome OS has run on laptops, desktops,...
facebook store my details and information

Facebook Stores Users Calls Texts and Every details

Facebook Stores Users Calls Texts and Every Details Suddenly everybody is waking up and asking themselves questions. Did I really share my data? How much data did I share with the social...
how to speed up pc , make slow pc fast

How To Speed Up Slow PC In Minutes??

How To Speed Up Slow PC In Minutes?? As time goes by and our PC starts to age , our system is bound to get slow. One can easily get frustrated with...

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