how to start a blog

Beginner’s Guide to Start a Blog

  You may have heard many times about Blogs. In recent times, blogging has taken a huge market in itself and many people have taken this path. Though there are many people...
4 steps to convert mp3 to midi

How To Convert MP3 to MIDI Online/Offline

Top 4 MP3 to MIDI Converters !!   Conversion from MP3 to MIDI is very popular especially among music producers, who want MP3 file into musical notations. A MIDI file is not the...

TED 2018: Technology reveals fear and other emotions

Technology Reveals Fear and Other Emotions ??? Imagine if a machine can measure your deepest feeling then what would happen? And it’s going to happen in real life. Dolby Labs chief scientist Poppy...
google url shortener

Google URL Shortener Transitioning to Firebase Dynamic Links

In 2009, Google launched the Google URL Shortener to help people measure online traffic and to share links easily. Many popular URL shortening services have appeared after then. The way people find content...
apple cut ties with intel

Apple plans to cut its ties with Intel

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple plans to cut its ties with Intel Corporation. In 2005 Apple announced it would start using Intel processors in Macs and replaced then existing chips...
apple updates it's os privacy policy

Apple Updates It’s OS Privacy Policy

In light of recent controversies regarding Facebook, people are being aware of their privacy issues. Privacy has been a major concern today as people are depending on technology. Depending solely on technology for...
get google adsense

11 Strategies to Get Google Adsense Approval in Just 3 Days

Getting Google Adsense Approval is one of the hardest things for most of the bloggers; So in this article, we are going to cover things related to Google Adsense that you...

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