Have you ever thought of deleting your Facebook account?

You might have wondered if it’s even possible to delete your Facebook account without losing your precious photos and friends.

Well, almost everyone uses Facebook these days. According to statista, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2018.

Some of us have used Facebook from its beginning and some of us are new to it. While using Facebook, It may have come to you that it’s not cool anymore. Facebook isn’t the ‘interesting’ platform as it was back in its beginning.

The thing is, some users have faced problem and inconvenience while using Facebook and want to get rid of Facebook. They want to delete their account permanently.

Deleting Facebook account isn’t much of a deal. It’s a piece of cake. The big picture here is the data. It’s about your hundred’s of friends and countless photos. Nobody would ever want to lose their connection and precious photos.

If you delete Facebook, then you may have some inconvenience at first to connect with your friends. It can take some time. You can get re-connected within weeks or months.

But what about your data? Can you really compromise your photos and other data for the sake of deleting the Facebook account?

You should know that whether it’s possible to delete your Facebook account and still save those precious photos and data from being erased. You know, you just can’t go and simply delete your account.

Yes, It’s possible. And today, I am going to talk about how you can carry out such a feat.

For those who want to delete your Facebook account without losing your precious information just follow along with me.
Those of you who don’t want to delete your Facebook account can also follow this for future reference. It might come in handy for you.

Save your data first!

Here’s what you have to do:
• First of all, Log into your Facebook. Directly go into settings.
• There you will find an option called ‘Your Facebook Information’ you don’t need to hesitate to click on that.
• After then, you will see an option called ‘download your information’ click on that.
• Now you’ve got a lot of options regarding what you want to save. Whatever you want to download from your Facebook, you can select it by clicking that option.

You can select whatever items you want and deselect the ones you don’t want. You can also choose your file format eg. JSON or HTML. As a programmer, I choose JSON but you can choose HTML.

You can then, click on ‘Create File’ option. This basically generates a compressed .zip file with all the data you have requested. It will take about an hour or two before it’s ready for you to download that file. You will get an email from Facebook after it’s ready to download.

Finally, after getting an email from Facebook, it’s ready for downloading. You can download it from ‘Download your Information’ page. After downloading it successfully, you can back it up into your external hard drive or cloud storage of your choice. You can extract those .zip files whenever you need your data.

Now, you can see all of your requested information, including your friends and photos. You can see all of your friend’s name which makes it easy to re-connect with them.
Finally, you have saved all your precious information and photos. Now, you can delete your account without any worries.

Delete facebook account!

Just follow these simple steps and you will delete your Facebook account in no time.
• Firstly, go to the ‘setting’
• Find an option called ‘Your Facebook Information’ you will find this option in the left column.
• Then you will see an option ‘delete your account and information’ click on that.
• Now, you will see ‘Delete Account’ button. You have to click on that too.

Last, you have to enter your password and click ‘continue’ then click ‘Delete account’.

And finally, you have successfully deleted your Facebook account without losing your data.

Note: After deleting the Facebook account it remains deactivated for 30 days. If you log in within 30 days after deleting your account, your deletion request will be canceled. You have to repeat this process again. After 30 days, your Facebook Account will be deleted permanently without any means of recovery.


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