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Facebook Steps Into 3D Photos


At the end of Facebook’s F8 keynote, the company made a small announcement. “In the coming month, we will be able to post 3D photos on our newsfeed”. Although the announcement is small, it is very interesting for any Facebook lover.

For now, Facebook didn’t explain clearly about this feature but the company confirms that this gone be happen in few months.

Facebook news feed already supports photos and videos with 360-degree viewing perspectives. In this context, this feature makes the perfect sense. It will be very interesting to see facebook 3D photos on our news feed. It will allow daily users to share their photos with 3D effect. The main thing to notice is we won’t be needing any special 3D camera.

Facebook says any smartphones will be able to deliver this feature. Photos we take with be adjusted to give a 3D perspective. We don’t know how exactly Facebook will work for this feature. However. In the demos, the 3D effect looks pretty good. How well will this feature really work remains to be seen in future.

By using machine learning, Facebook will recreate the old photos in VR and named this feature as 3D memory feature and this was also announced together at the end of the F8 keynote yesterday.

For now, we have to wait and see to know how exactly these features will work on Facebook. Facebook 3D photos will be a delight if done right.


Source : TechCrunch

Thumbnail Credit : geralt




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