facebook store my details and information

Facebook Stores Users Calls Texts and Every Details

Suddenly everybody is waking up and asking themselves questions. Did I really share my data? How much data did I share with the social media giant? Did I really give them permission for the data to be collected and stored? Did Facebook store my details and information ?

You must be shocked after the news came out that Facebook sold our data and you want to know that how much data you share with them. Do you really want to know that how much data you share on Facebook? It’s easy enough, you can go to your facebook settings, then general account settings and click on download my data.

An hour or so later an email will arrive with a link to click and you can see all your data since you signed up. The file contained every contact, photos, videos posted on the social site and even your personal text messages. Not only that, when you noticed, every time when you enter a new number into your phone’s database, it somehow ends up with Facebook. That means Facebook is monitoring you, me and everybody.

Here is a detailed stats by BBC

Even if Facebook users agree to share their data, their friends whose numbers or text messages are being collected almost certainly have not. Even those people who have never joined Facebook or decided to delete their accounts are being monitored. It looks as though some of their data will stay on the social network as long as the people who provided it remain.

Facebook is saying that uploading your contacts and details for signing up for many messaging and social media is normal and insists that they are giving their users a clear choice.

People are asked if they want to give permission to upload their contacts from their phone – it’s explained right there in the apps when you get started. People also have the choice to delete any previously uploaded information at any time.

In any case, Facebook insists it never shares their user data with anyone else. Given what they have learned over the last week about how their piece of information may have been used, many Facebook users may not be ready to give it the benefit of the doubt.



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