facebook announced new feature to unsend messages
facebook unsend message

Facebook is about to add a new feature in it’s messaging platform. At the light of recent controversies regarding facebook and public data breach, Facebook’s new feature to unsend  messages is announced.

It all started after the news report from TechCrunch that Facebook deleted messages from Zuckerberg and other top executives. Facebook said it was a security issue but recent tracks of Facebook suggests otherwise.

Many of us do not have the privilege of deleting message, but soon it will be possible.

Facebook made statements with several publications saying they have discussed Facebook’s new feature several times. Also, the option to send the message with secret conversation is still up and running and plan to broaden this service.It will take some time to get that feature active and Facebook made sure that this feature will be added soon.

They claim that, until this feature adds up they won’t delete messages from other executives.

Facebook hasn’t made clear how this feature will work. Until now, the only similar feature to that of ‘unsend’ is the secret conversation mode.You can set a time when the message will self-disrupt and both parties will get prior notifications.

IS This A New Thing?

For Facebook, it may seem as a relatively new feature. But for other services like Whatsapp and Instagram, it is already an active feature.

Users on WhatsApp can unsend their message after a fixed time.When a user retracts the message, both parties will be notified. Whatsapp denotes those deleted messages with text saying “this message was deleted”.

On the other hand, users of Instagram can unsend their message anytime they fill like. There will be no notifications for either of the parties after they delete the message. The message disappears completely without leaving any text like in WhatsApp.

IS The New Feature Worth It?

This topic will need a long discussion. Obviously, people are divided how they feel about this feature. Facebook messages were the only proof of someone’s harmdoing in many cases. This can affect various victims that are the target of social media predators. On the other hand, this feature will be quite useful in certain situations where we accidentally send someone messages.

There can be endless discussions in this case.This new feature is the result of Facebook’s recent controversies and it will not come as a shock if this feature brings other controversies.

Though Facebook’s  new feature to unsend  messages, time will tell how it turns out.

Sources: TechCrunch,thenextweb

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