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Getting Google AdSense approved gives you a feeling of rejoice. The same feeling that I am having right now. Today I will deliver on how & why my fresh website was approved by Google Adsense in the first attempt.



Google AdSense is the most reliable and say popular Ad network for any content-based sites. It has by far the best pay rates in terms of CPM(Cost Per thousand Impressions) and CPC(Cost Per Click). And top of it you get your pay in time.

But, sadly AdSense is strict with its policies and won’t approve a site so easily. They say it was easy back then, but now times have changed. People trying to exploit the system with black hat and other various methods to get Adsense approval, have fueled Google to make stricter policies for Adsense.

For any newbie Bloggers, Google AdSense is a huge milestone early on. Though the pay is very much minimum with low traffic blogs, it gives a different satisfaction. For any blogger, it keeps us going foward.

Same goes for me, I am very happy that my Google AdSense was approved onMay 09, 2018. This is huge cause my blog is a fresh one, been 1 and a half months at most. And getting approval in such a short time and in the first attempt is quite a big deal.


google adsense approval on my fresh site


You can start your Adsense process Here but first, let me discuss how I approached things that helped me with the whole process. If you are a beginner like me then please follow these approach.


Things You Must Notice Before Applying for                         Google AdSense


Clean look :

Let us start with your blog design itself. One thing many bloggers fail to notice is how their blog looks and how their articles are presented. Remember, try to look clean and professional.

Because google crawls your site, and if it finds your site not properly organized it will not take your site as a genuine one. For this, while selecting your theme, look for more cleaner version. You don’t have to necessarily buy any premium themes. There are enough quality free themes at your disposal.

Not just themes, make your writing organized. Put gaps and break your paragraphs quite often. Just make it look good that’s it.


Quality content:

I suppose you have heard it many times. But, it is so important that it must be said.

What determines a Quality Content & How to write one ??

Well, it all comes down to time and proper research. Give your time while writing your blogs. Don’t write just to add pages but add value to those pages. For this, think of a topic you want to write on, research keywords on that topic prior your writing.

Once you have the idea of what you want to blog about, do some research. Google, Youtube, Reddit, the places are infinite.

The most important thing is NO PLAGIARISED CONTENT. Yup, that sentence alone will decide your AdSense approval. There are several free plagiarism checkers out there. You just need one google to move forward.

Out of several free ones, I found EduBirde plagiarism checker to be quite useful.

From my blog no.1, I was well aware of creating unique content. How to? you may ask. It’s simple. Just give your take on any idea or topic.

Research on that topic, get a summary of things how it works/how it’s done and so on. Aquire key points that you must include. And then write your blog in your words while including that key points.

And do not write blogs with less than 600 words.


 Site Consistency :

This was also my approach early on. Remember, for AdSense approval Google must know your blogs are Genuine and will keep on going. We can only present that idea by being consistent with blog publish. It is not a must to publish daily but being consistent makes you seem genuine and professional.

Prepare your quality articles and publish them in consistent time.


Add Your Website’s .xml Sitemap on Google :

This is also a very important thing not to miss. A sitemap is a layout or says the structure of your blog. It contains all the URL of your blogs.

A sitemap makes it easier for any web crawlers to crawl your site. And with Google, adding sitemap will help you index your pages.

Google indexing pages mean, it knows that those pages exist. So, you must have it indexed by Google.



Creating a sitemap is easy, If you are a WordPress user like me, install Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast lets you create a sitemap of your particular domain.


how to get google adsense approval



Under Plugins > Add new; search for Yoast SEO and install it.

After it is installed, go to your Admin dashboard and you will see SEO option.

Under SEO > Features ; Enable xml sitemap.


         IS IT OVER???

Well, this is just a start, most people leave it at this stage. It will create a sitemap but the process isn’t complete. You must add it to google search console.

For this, search ‘ google webmaster tool’ and login your admin id.

Goto Home > Click on your site name > Crawl > Sitemaps

add sitemap for google adsense approval


If you haven’t added a sitemap. There is an option to add the URL of the sitemap.

Generally, it is “ yourwebsite/sitemap_index.xml” . OR if you are in confusion check for your sitemap Here. Add it and you are done.

It will be on pending and soon your site will be crawled by Google to Index the pages.

I think I have talked enough about this matter, let us move on.


Blog Promotion :

It is always good to get an initial kick of traffic on your blog. After you have done all of the hard work on preparing one, share it with rest of the world.

Legitimate traffic sources, like social media platforms, will help your blog to grow and get noticed. Share it on Facebook, Reddit, Google plus… the list goes on.

Please don’t try to generate auto traffic with bots. If Google finds it, you may never get any approval.


Content :

You can put select contents on your blog. But, you should know what type of content is not allowed if you want Google AdSense approval.


Contents like these are not allowed.

  • Racial contents
  • Violence provoking contents
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Selling Illegal drugs and weapons
  • Gambling
  • Porn and other Adult Contents

Don’t try to make your blogs off these contents if you want Google Adsense.

And another thing I learned recently is that Google hates sites that link pirated contents or apps that provide pirated content. So, making blogs on those apps and sites will result in your Google AdSense disapproval.


Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About US and other page standards :

Most of the people forget this topic or don’t have any ideas in mind. Make sure, I have put Bold because, you must be sure to add pages like Privacy Policy, Contact US & About Us.

Don’t forget, the main thing about Google AdSense is, you want Google to know you are a genuine blogger and not a spam. Fo,r this your website must meet certain standards.

You must have Privacy Policy because it makes your site look professional. You don’t have to write it yourself. Just search for any ‘ online privacy policy generator ’ and you are good to go.

You must also have Contact Us & About Us compulsory. It is because Google has to verify that the Adsense approval query was sent by the site owners and not by a bot or spam.

Google checks your Contact Us & About Us page, and verifies if the information in your soon to be verified AdSense account is similar to the information provided on those pages.

Be sure, to leave the similar email on your Contact Us page that you want to verify the account for. If you put different email that is not listed in your contact information of AdSense account then you might not get your AdSense approved.

Make sure, that if Google crawls those pages, it will believe you are the same person who put the AdSense request. It is very important and I have seen many people fail to notice such.

Also, Put Copyright Disclaimer to make your site look professional.


Don’t lower your age less than 18

Don’t be over-smart and change your age below 18.

Adsense is for 18+ only. I know you all are smart enough to notice this, but there are few rotten potatoes here and there.


Remove other Ads

This is also one of the approaches I took. It is better if you have no prior Ads before applying for Google AdSense.

You can put other ads later on, that are compatible with Adsense. But, don’t be greedy early on and put other ads risking your AdSense.


Remove Broken links

Broken links can hamper your site. Broken links are those links that you set up on your blog pages which won’t open. Or say, those links are dead.

Search for broken link in Online Broken Links Checker


Conclusion :

These were some approaches that I had in mind before applying for Google AdSense. Content is the king so Make sure your content is of quality. That way you won’t get your AdSense rejected.

I am in  no means an expert and you must not take this blog as absolute fact. These are moreover my personal takes.

If you want to learn deep about how adsense actually works , then join Google AdSense forums and AdSense help center.

You can subscribe to AdSense’s own official blog which is also a good resource for learning: Here

And the official AdSense YouTube channel: Here

And even their Twitter account if you use that :Here

Another good place to learn about quality and traffic is webmaster tools: Here


If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Let us make this blog as interactive as possible. Also, be sure to read other blogs such as;

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  1. hi. i have been applying for Adsense account for quite some time but it has been in vain. i have follow all the above steps but it is not working out. help me out.

    • Hi, there is no any minimum number that is stated. If you have say 5 or 10 posts , make sure you do not write short ones. Write long articles with high value, and you won’t need high number of posts.

  2. Hi..Thank you very much for the detailed post regarding adsense..I need your suggestion once I submit file to google search console how many days it will take to index?Looking forward for your earliest response.

  3. Nice post sir. I also had got my AdSense approved in the same manner. I had tried all the tips you have mentioned here in this post, though it took me more than 5 tries and 30 days for final approval.
    Very informative and useful for any beginner.


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