google Duplex: Google assisstant will be able to make real phone calls

Artificial Intelligence is really pushing this era with its outstanding achievement in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Many tech giants are focusing on this innovative technology for taking their own techs to greater heights.

Google, being the alpha among those tech giants, is not an exception either.

Google is taking its ‘Google Assistant’ into yet another heights.

Can you believe, Google Assistant making real phone calls?

Artificial intelligence is taking crazy steps forward. Nobody knows how far it will go?

Recently, Facebook has also announced 3D Photos.

Google has always gone hard with its software. This year was no exception. Google’s making your phone adapt to you, by cleaning up its user interface and offering you tools.

At the Google I/O 2018 Keynote event, they made an intriguing announcement about Google Duplex. It’s a behavior inside of Google assistant that Google is still working on.

Google Duplex is a new technology to handle tasks over the phone. Since its reveal on stage at the Google I/O conference, there has been some new info regarding this AI technology.

google duplex

Could you believe, an AI that will make phone calls, hair appointments or dinner reservations, in the background?

It’s a long way from being finished or from us ever using it. So maybe a couple years from that, but that’s what it’s called. Google is always adding new features to Google assistant to make your life easier.

The company will make Google Duplex so that you never have to call a service business ever again. Google assistant just pass the Turing test. Take a look at this video from the Google I/O Conference.

Google explains that it had all the right inflections and pauses and just the intonation. The way it talks was very convincing.

If you don’t know that there is a robot on the other side of the phone then you can’t get to know by yourself that person you are talking with is a robot in real.

It’s so human especially, the way it responds to those questions.

Users can save time using Google Assistant to handle tasks over the phone with the Duplex technology. In particular, those people who are hearing impaired or have issues with the local language.

Businesses can make use of Duplex to handle appointments without delegating that task to an employee.

Google Assistant users with access to the technology will be able to make restaurant reservations, book hair salon appointment, or check a business’s holiday hours over the phone.

This proves that Google has achieved the incredible technical achievement with the machine learning and the artificial intelligence and the natural language processing.

google duplex

Because of all of that, this is the culmination of all of their years of listening to our voices to make duplex this good.

It really is something special in 2018. This seems that it’ll legitimately make people’s lives easier.

Android P is looking to take your digital life and make it more easy, calm and organized.

At the Google I/O 2018 Keynote event, they also announced the new Android P features. Especially, the interesting new gesture navigation which would be interesting to play around with. Other highlighting announcements were of Google News, new Google Maps features, and a new Android dashboard.

Visit Google’s Official AI Blog For More.

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