easiest and fast way to download torrent with idm
download torrent with idm

Fastest Way To Download Torrent With IDM

So guys , today I would like to talk about .torrent file and how to download torrent  with IDM (Internet download manager)

As you all know idm offers the fastest way to download any files off Internet. It is the most reliable download manager I have used till date. Downloading files off Internet can be sometimes troublesome. Slow internet connection adds fuel to the fire. Many, including me, prefer to use IDM because it splits our files into multiple parts and renders the file as a whole when each parts are fully downloaded, making it the fastest download client for windows.

On the other hand torrent offers a whole new genre of files sharing. We rely on torrent clients like Bittorrent,uTorrent,qBittorrent etc to download contents of .torrent file. Torrent files are hardly less than a MB , it contains only  the key to initiating downloading of the actual content. With torrent files , we can download and share files over the internet for free.

While downloading content of .torrent file traditionally through torrent clients, we rely on the number of seeders and leechers on that torrent.The download is expectionally slow when accustomed to low seeders.In this case it is very much viable to download the content through IDM.In this blog, I share some methods that have worked for me on downloading torrent  with IDM.

ByteBx is a website which offers online storage for your files.If we upload the torrent file in this website , it first downloads the containing files in its servers and links us with it , providing a faster route to download the required contents.Let us look at how this is possible

i)First of all , go to ByteBx.com and sign up for a new account.For this , visit the website and click ‘’Sign Up’’ and enter your details , with email.

ii)After you enter your details, click on ‘’SignUP’’ button.After you sign up , you will get access to it’s services.Yo will be redirected to the home page where you will get three options: Upload File, Upload URL and Upload Torrent

iv)Click on ‘’Upload torrent’’ and select your torrent file

Within seconds, you will notice a blue colored download button. Click it to start your download. Yo will have successfully downloaded your torrent file.Cheers!

. Using Zbigz

Zbigz is also one of the best anonymous torrent cloud client.It offers one of the easiest and secure way to download torrents.For this , let take a look at the process.

i)Visit the site zbigz.com and access it’s homepage.

ii)You can see a tab to paste your torrent or magnet link

iii)You can upload your .torrent file then click on GO.We may have to wait for some time which our files is cached.After the process is completed, click on “Transfer” to download the file with your idm.

Other Sites which provide such features are;

  • Boxopus.com
  • Byteport.com
  • Bitport
  • QuickTorrent.io

This is it for this blog.Hope, today, you have learned how to download torrent with IDM. Until then check out 10 Cool Websites You Never Knew !!



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