kinesis freestyle edge split mechanical keyboard

split gaming keyboard for hardcore gamers


Have you ever wonder if there’s a keyboard that allows your hands, arms and shoulders to type in a more natural angle?

Do you want a fully programmable gaming keyboard with a lot of macro support?

No need to get worked up then, KINESIS gaming has got you covered with its freestyle edge mechanical gaming keyboard.

It utilizes either red, brown or blue Cherry MX switches and it’s got an adjustable 20 inch cord allowing for greater range of movement.

kinesis freestyle edge split gaming keyboard

Talking about the build quality, everything is plastic but it is pretty tough without any noticeable flexing or creaking.

Due to the sturdy metal plate, the switches are Multi-Tube and the braided cables are strong but kind of stiff and the detachable wrist rest mounts securely.

The edge is available with a number of different accessories for even more comfort. You can add the lift kit or the v3 Pro tenting accessory to put your wrists and forearms in a more neutral position. You can also add the cushion palm pads for enhanced wrist support.

The two columns of the function keys on the left half of the Freestyle edge are dedicated macro keys. There’s also a function key and a button dedicated to turning the back-light on and off. All the 95 keys on the keyboard can be reprogrammed to perform two unique actions per layout.

kinesis freestyle edge split gaming keyboardAnd off course this being a gaming keyboard, it has blue back-lit. It has four special keys at the top right half for initiating game specific layouts, programming macros, on-the-fly remapping and a special smart set key for accessing additional functions.

kinesis freestyle edge split gaming keyboard

Here you can toggle special modes and launch the configuration software which is stored within the keyboard hardware itself. This is actually a good idea and I wish more companies would do this.

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Gaming Performance???

You normally use the WASD Keys on your right and there’s an entire half of the keyboard that rarely ever gets touched with mini games.

With the edge you can push the entire right half out of the way or even off the desk completely. And any keys you might need on that side can be assigned to a key on the left side in a matter of seconds.

kinesis freestyle edge split gaming keyboard

When you just use the left half you have more mouse room and fewer keyboard collisions.

Depending on your typing style, using the edge for everyday tasks may take some getting used to but the learning curve is not too steep.

You can remap keys, record macros and make nine profiles each with different settings. So, the configurability in this keyboard is amazing.

All in all, this is a well-built, easy to use and versatile gaming keyboard which is packed with handy gaming features.

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KINESIS Freestyle Edge Specs And Features

    • Color: Matte Black
    • Operating System:  Plug-and-Play on Windows, Mac, Linux, & Chrome (no software or special drivers)
    • SmartSet Programming App: Windows pre-loaded, Mac available for download
    • Connectivity: USB Wired (Single Port)
    • Layout: US ANSI, Tenkeyless
    • Performance: 1MS Response Time, NKRO Mode, Game Mode, 4MB Onboard Storage
    • Switch Type: 100% Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical
    • USB Cable Length: 6′ (Braided)
    • Dimensions: 1.25″ tall x 15.5″ wide x 10.25″ deep (7.25″ deep without Palm Supports)
    • Weight: 2.8 lbs
    • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Palm Supports: Detachable Plastic (Included)
    • Available Accessories: Lift Kit, V3 Pro Lifters, Cushioned Palm Pads & XL Desk Mat


Visit the Official Website for more Details.

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