LG May Come up With 16 Cameras Smartphone


Mobile phone technology has been emerging to the next level. Many mobile giants have been on the run for new innovation with each other. Being persuasive with their innovation, LG is obviously trying to stay on top of the technology, 16-lens camera smartphone is the example of that. Yes, 16-lens camera smartphone!

If you think four or five lenses on a smartphone camera are enough then LG may disagree with you. That’s why they come up with an idea of a smartphone with the 16-lens camera.

The camera is designed in such a way that it can capture a scene from multiple perspectives in a single shot. This will allow you to shoot 3D movies and manipulate shots by, say, moving someone’s head around or replacing it completely.

LG recently filed a patent, which was first spotted by LetsGoDigital. It suggests 4×4 matrix arrangements of 16 cameras with different curvature.

Recently released smartphone Samsung Galaxy A9 has four cameras on the back and Nokia is also soon releasing a smartphone with five cameras. Now, LG doesn’t think four or five camera is enough for a phone.

According to the patent, the smartphone would let you use the main camera to take selfies by equipping it with a mirror and a flash below the lens-cluster. It’s the same technology used on much older flip phones and compact cameras.

The users can also apply some great effects on photos with this setup. Users can easily replace an object in a photo. Not only this, but it’d also be possible to cut a part of a photo and replace it with an image captured from the other lens.

And, the more interesting features is, it’ll also be possible to combine several images snapped via different lenses and merge them into one image. But, this is not the first time, Google already uses this technique in the Pixel 3 for HDR+, Super Res Zoom, and Night Shift.

We are eagerly waiting for this unique innovation by LG to become reality. We will love to see more camera innovation in a smartphone in the near future.

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