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At this day and age of Google Dominance, it is not far fetched to say Google is slowly becoming the face of Internet and Technology. Its no wonder we can’t spend a single day without using Google’s variety of services. From emails to maps,search engine and so on, the list goes on.

Google keeps getting better and better with their services. Everything they offer just blends in with you, its like they know exactly what you need and what you prefer. Well, the fact is, they know everything.

See, while you use services provided by Google,they know your interests,your searches, your locations and so on. It is because they have history of your activities and with those histories they optimize themselves,making themself more appealing to us. Sure, you have the option to change things or know what they know about you. But,those settings or URL doesn’t appear so easily.

Today, I am here to help you to get to those Secret Google URL so that you yourself know the details. All of these URL serve quite a useful purpose and are hidden in most cases. Keep your seat-belts in check cause you are in for a treat.


1. Your Saved UserName & password


While you were browsing the web through Google Chrome and when logging into some sites through email and passwords, most of the time you must notice the brower saying “Do you want Google Smart Lock to remember your password” or something like that.

Most of the people believe in Google for privacy and click ‘yes’ so that they can see those passwords in future if they forget. But we fail to question How do I view my saved passwords from Google Smart lock?

Well, Google lets you do so by going to URL: .

Simply, go through this URL and log in your Google account and you can see them all.


2. Download your Google Data


At this point you know Google stores your info. Google has data about you from various Google Services you have used. But, what if you want to have that data which google has stored for a long time.
Yes, you can do this. If you ever had a question like How to download my Google Data? Then there is an answer for you.

Just go to URL: .

You will see lists of products which has your data. Select those products and hit next. Then google asks how you want to receive the download link of the archived data. It can be via email/dropbox/one drive. Simple!

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3. Google Location History


Do you ever forget where you were in a particular day. Or do you travel so much that you couldn’t track yourself. Then oddly enough, our main man Google is there to help you.

Google has the history of your locations, either by your android device or using Google Maps and so on. It keeps each track , where you went and how. I was also surprised how detailed it was. If you want to know for yourself the history of your short/long travels then

Goto URL:

A friendly reminder, if anyone has your email and password don’t lie to them where you are going. Cause they will know xD.


4. Signup Without Gmail


Did you know that you could Signup a email id without having as your domain. Sounds confusing right? Well, this is confusing.

If you have an existing Email id(not Gmail) and you don’t want to create a new email id(Gmail) then Google lets you do it.

Just goto URL:

And register your new Gmail id without Gmail domain.


5. Your entire activity feed


You know that Facebook has ‘my activity’ option where you can see list of what you did on Facebook. Like your posts, your comments and so on.

Google has a similar activity feed, but this list is far board than Facebook could show.

Goto URL: 

You can see your activities in Youtube, Google searches. Even what you did on your android device. Which applications you run for how many times. Everything, I mean literally everything. Check for yourself.


6. Locate Your Android Device


Provided that your device is switched on and connected to Internet with your Gmail logged in. Then, you can locate your android device if by any means you have lost it. Google’s Find My Device offers much more than locating your device location.

let me tell you a common problem; many times you put your mobile on silent and forget where the hell your device is. You ring your phone and find no success, cause it is silent. In this simple but somehow common circumstance, Google can help you.

In Find My Phone, there is option to ring your phone even if it is in Silent mode. Cool right?
You can secure your device my locking it OR you can erase all data , even if you are not physically present.

Check this URL:


7. Google Ads Setting


When you  browse the web, you can obviously see different Google Ads in multiple sites. Most of those ads may seem random but Google decided those ads to show to you.

But, Google lets you change the display of those ads according to your preference. Like technology,computing,sport and so on. Ads vary for people who have different interests. Its all about how appealing those ad-clicks are.

Goto URL:

There you can see Google has already selected the topics which you might like ads of. You can manually remove those topics and add another one of your interest. I found this quite interesting.

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8. Google Contacts


In almost every android device, you have option to save new contacts in you Gmail accounts. When you sync your accounts in a mobile device, those contacts automatically pop up. But, you might sometimes want to access those contacts elsewhere; like your PC/laptop. Then this is for you.

In such case goto URL :


9. Google Alerts


Google has a track of everything going on the Internet. From News about Celebrities to Companies/Technologies/Politics , Google knows everything.

You can use Google Alerts to alert yourself of someone OR something of your interest. Then, you will be notified if something new comes up regarding your chosen interest.

Just goto Url :

You can create an alert on any topic. Google has pre-made suggestions but you can manually create a new one.This is very handy for anyone who wouldn’t wanna miss whats going on with a particular person/topic.


10. Google Account Security


Last one on our list is account security. This has answers to your question of How can I increase my Google account security?

10 Best Security Extensions For Google Chrome

You can manage your account access and security settings. You can also Keep track of which apps or services you gave permission to access your account, and remove the ones you no longer use or trust.

Visit URL :

This is it. If you are still reading this then God Bless You!!

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    • Google Alert is a service by Google. Where, you can choose categories like celebrities/anysports or something. If you do so, then Google will Alert you with email when something new comes up about your chosen category.


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