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security ninja is the best security extension for wordpress

WordPress has undoubtedly become the most popular blog publishing and site creation platform. More than 27% percent of the whole Internet runs WordPress, which is a massive feat in itself.

Due to its easy to implement and attractive interface, WordPress attracts millions of users worldwide. In addition, WordPress is home to thousands of plugins. Plugins make it so much easier to enable any feature or perform any complicated tasks that take several hours of time and coding skills. It is no wonder why the majority of people love them.

But because it is so popular, it attracts different Black hat hackers and scammers who lure in the darkness to find a weak point on your website. Security itself is a major issue for any WordPress user. And why not? It is a scary matter cause all of your precious hours spent during your site creation can simply disappear in mere seconds.

Many bloggers spend so much of their time on content creation and SEO and sometimes neglect security aspects of their site. And, if they fall into any attacks, they have nowhere to return. I have seen many who have suffered this fate.

I myself research on ways I can maintain the security of my site. Cause this is a crucial matter, I am always in look for the best of the best tools to make my site safe. This is when I came to know about Security Ninja.

For the Security Ninja Review, we will take a look why it is a fantastic security plugin & different from other security plugins out there.


Security Ninja

What’s Different About This Plugin??


security ninja review


Well, compared to other plugins out there the differences are astounding. You may have used plugins that guard your website but have you come across the one that actually tests your protection level and loopholes.

Not? I thought so. But fear not, Security Ninja Does that for you.

Imagine you have hired an Ethical Hacker to test your site for exploits and holes. Well, that is Security Ninja for you.

Security Ninja is a free to use WordPress Plugin. It performs 50+ security tests on your website in an instant and addresses security errors that you wouldn’t notice yourself. Not only displaying the loopholes, it suggests ways how you can fix those holes and make your site stronger.

On top of it all, it makes no changes to your site and you have full control over it. It is no wonder why this plugin has more than 10 thousand active installations and several 5-star reviews.

What tests exactly??

Well, a lot of them. Some of my favorites;

  • Brute force attacks to check password strength of user accounts
  • 0-day exploits tests
  • File permission & debug and auto-update tests
  • Checks if the server is vulnerable to the Shellshock bug #6271 and #7169
  • Checks your PHP and MySQL versions
  • Checks you plugins & themes compatibility and if they are upto date
  • Checks the Strength of your WordPress database passwords
  • Checks if expose_php PHP directive is turned off

And many more, you get the idea. These tests range from simple and straightforward to highly complicated ones. And all of these is for free.

security ninja review

Many websites are a target of repeated brute force attacks and many lose site’s access just because of that. You can test your site early on and notice how your site handles such attacks.

Though the numbers are many, tests are performed in an instant. This plugin is so light-weight, you won’t even feel a difference in your site load speed. Upon those tests, you get a brief report of the test results.

security ninja review

One thing you notice is, it displays potential threat in red color coat and if you pass any test, it colors coats green. To move forward with fixing the threats just click on any result and you will see the preventive measures. It includes code snippets for quick fixes.

And even though it crawls around and highlights the vulnerable code, it is worth pointing out that this loyal Ninja won’t tweak anything until you order it yourself.


Ok, I am Sold!! How do I get this then??

To install Security Ninja, follow these instructions ;

  1. Open your WordPress Admin and Goto Plugins > Add new
  2. Enter “Security Ninja” in the search bar and press Enter
  3. It is the first one on the list; with Ninja Icon. Click “Install Now
  4. Activate and you are done. Goto Tools > Security Ninja to get more options to make your site secure

OR Download straight from Here

It is easy to install, easy to use and it works like a charm & it is free. What else do you need? This is simply ridiculous how good it is.


Does it have a PRO option??

Yes, it does. While your free version does most of the tasks. With premium version, you get additional 6 security features. These include;

Core Scanner:

This goes deeper into your website and scans your core files. You can easily identify the stage of those files and quickly notice any problematic ones. It is great for removing exploits and fixing additional file edits/deletes.

Malware Scanner:

As the name suggests, its powerful malware detection algorithm will check uploaded files, themes, plugins and more for any suspicious content. It has a one-click scan, that quickly identifies any corrupt files. More than 20 tests are performed in an individual file so that it does not miss anything.

Auto Fixer:

This is perfect for beginners who lack any coding skills. The Auto fixer will instantly locate more than 30 issues and fix them. It is an easy to use GUI as you don’t have to fix the issue yourself. But, it doesn’t mean you can fix every issue automatically. Some compilated ones need to be fixed manually.

Cloud Firewall:

It acts as a firewall for your site. By blocking over 600 million bad IPs, it stops the exploiters from even entering your site. This is really useful as most of the time those IPs are behind millions of attacked sites.

Event logger:

Event logger keeps track of every event that occurs on your site. It knows when and how an event occurs so that if something bad is to happen you know the reason why.

Database Optimizer:

It removes garbage data accumulated in your database. Such data slow down your page load speed and have a negative impact. You can run 11 optimizations for your site in a single click and feel the difference yourself.

Check the Official Website of Security Ninja for more information


Security Ninja is an absolute beast of a plugin. It helped me tighten up my security and revealed some loopholes even I didn’t notice. I higly recommend this plugin.

Remember, it tests for holes and notifies you but you yourself have to initiate changes on your website. The PRO version offers Auto Fixer that enables auto fix but it is also limited to its reach. In the end, you have the control over how you take your website moving forward. If you follow every security measures then you will have a safer future.

Security Ninja offers protection of your WordPress site, but if you want to protect yourself while browsing the web then Check this out. This is a list of Google Chrome security extensions that will prevent malware & phishing attacks while you browse the web.

This is it for today. Check other Blogs for more awesome contents.




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