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Well, everybody knows that the technology has surprised us by setting the new target in the technical world.

We find each and everything is connected to different technical devices or software by the internet. In this scenario, we can’t imagine the world without technology.

In past few years, we can see that many changes have come in our daily life because of technology and can’t decide how many changes will happen in next 5 years or in few decades.

With the innovation of technology in this era, everything is becoming smart like a smartphone, smart TV, smart home etc. But did you ever thought about a Smart Dress? Yes, Smart Dress.

Fashion Designer Lina Wassong is trying to set the new target In the field of technology and fashion. She is exploring how new software, tools, and electronics can be used for fashion design.

Lina Wassong is not only a designer but also an engineer. She wants to make technology more accessible to the woman by combining it with fashion.

Lina says people are still afraid of using electronics and they can look messy- but how will things be in the future?

Nobody wants to buy a dress and then read through the manual before wearing it. Lina clarifies that the smart dress is going to be well-integrated and easy to use.
Most of the dress is actually designed with a software.

She also noted that the dress has a motion sensor and temperature sensor and whenever something is not quite right in the environment then the technology can give you feedback on it. That’s why we also can say that the dress has the sixth sense.

Lina runs workshops to encourage more women to get into technology. She wants to explore both technology and fashion fields from a new perspective.

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