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Snapchat is back with version two (V2) of spectacles, stylish and convenient sunglasses camera. Not only that, it comes with many exciting features.

It’s an underwater capable camera which can capture not only a photo but also the video.

Yesterday, Snapchat launched spectacles V2, which is very stylish because of its classier colors with lighter lenses and a much slimmer frame.

V2 has its own case which is in yellow bright in color. It’s not just a case but a charging case. It can charge the wearable glasses four times. It is small in size. It’s like purse fitting, easier to bring around and of course they are actually quite comfortable.

sunglasses camera

The glasses have a prescription option and also faster syncing. But we can’t say they are revolutionary, the glasses are just a wearable camera for everybody.

The camera sunglasses are on sale from 26th April in the US, Canada, France, and the UK but from May 3rd you can get them in 13 different European countries.

The company announced the price of the spectacles V2 is $150 and it is $20 more than V1. Only 220000 pairs of V1 were sold with their limited functionality then guess how much pairs of V2 can be sold.

Are you excited? And want to buy this product then go to snap’s app and site because it only available there. You can’t buy these wearable cameras on any other stores not in Amazon, pop up stores or vending SnapBots.

V1 owners will get a firmware update so that everybody can take their photos with their spectacles.

The company learns about the users need and find out that they want a device to take photos, get them in less flashy coral color, bring them to the beach pair them quicker with better resolution, and hear less wind noise when moving. And they found that the users mostly wanted something they didn’t feel weird wearing. Therefore to fulfill users need they made V2 and finally it’s launched.

The design of the camera is very stylish as well as it is very easy to use. If you tap and hold you can actually take a photo now instead of just a video when you tap once.

Spectacles now come in a much more natural set of colors a deeper blue, a deeper red and black.

Snapchat has put a lot of work into fixing the pairing process that was really clumsy before.

Instead of QR code now you Just press and hold down on the button well in the pairing mode in your snapchat app and they instantly pairing together.

To download the photos and video from the spectacles all you do is to hit the import button and it downloads all your snaps. The quality of the snaps are pretty high and the download will happen very quickly about four times faster than V1.

The spectacles shots in a circular format that’s why no matter which way you turns your phone it’s always full screen.

If you want to add stickers and drawing then you can add them to your shots and export the snaps. So, we can say that there is no adding augmented reality face filters or dancing hot dogs.

Source: TechCrunch



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