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How To Speed Up Slow PC In Minutes??

As time goes by and our PC starts to age , our system is bound to get slow. One can easily get frustrated with long startup times, glitch display or laggy softwares .Over time, our PC starts accumulating fragments of temporary files and hard drive experiences hindrance in performance. Viruses, bloatware and our computer settings can cause our system to experience a significant difference in processing speed. Our computer starts to react slow and as a user it is the most frustrating encounter. We always wonder how to speed up slow PC  in minutes.

We cannot completely negate computer slow-down but can surely give our machine the kick it needs to run fast. Before you go out frustrated with your PC and buy a new one, do not worry , we have got your back. We will list few tweaks you can follow to boost your computer’s performance.


1. Disable Startup apps

Startup apps can cause your PC to lag and if more applications are enabled during the startup then it takes more memory space .Startup apps usually hide in background and hinder the performance of your machine. You can easily select which application you want to launch during startup and which to avoid. For this, let us take a quick look at some easy steps:

  • Right click at your taskbar and click on “Task Manager” OR Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to launch the task manager directly.
  • Click the “Startup” tab, under which you can see lists of processes that are allowed to run during the startup and some which applications are denied the permission.
  • Click on the process you wish to disable .At the lower right corner you can see “Disable” button.
  • You can see that the process is disabled under its status.
  • Repeat this process until you have disabled every useless startup process.

2.Delete Temporary Files

Temporary files take up disk space and eventually with excessive files, computer starts slowing down.As the name suggests , temporary files are files that your operating system creates to hold information temporarily while a file is being created.After the program has been closed the temporary files must be deleted.To remove the temporary files , that have taken your disk space , let us take a look at some easy steps:

  • Click on Start, and then click on Run. Type “temp” and press enter.Yo will be redirected to windowstemp.
  • Select every files and folder within this temp folder OR Press CTRL+A to select all.Then delete those selected files.
  • A message can pop up telling you to provide administrative permission to delete those files, Press “Continue” .After the files have been deleted close the folder.
  • Again Start and then click on Run and this time Type “% temp%” and press enter .You will be redirected to folder containing appdata temp files. Delete those files as instructed as in steps above.

how to speed slow pc and laptop
how to speed up slow pc and laptop
how to speed up slow pc and laptop

3. Uninstall Unused Programs

One of the major factors to degrade your computer’s performance is the installation of many unnecessary applications. We use the web every time and every now and then we download and install apps that after using for some time, we forget to uninstall those applications. Such applications that are not necessary and are never often used, just take memory and disk space.

These applications must be filtered now and then. For this, open the Control Panel’s Programs and Features page, and have a look at the list of the application installed. Name of the application, its publisher and other details are listed. Choose applications you know you do not need and uninstall them.

  • You can directly goto Programs and Features page by clicking “Uninstall or change a program “ tab at upper corner inside your “My Computer/This PC” homepage
  • Lists of softwares installed on your computer are shown.Simply, click on the software you think is unused and press ‘Uninstall’ button.

Repeat above process until you are satisfied with your current lists of software.

how to speed up slow pc and laptop

4.Check for malware/adware

There is also a chance that your computer is slow because malicious software is slowing it down and running in the background without your notice.This malwares can interfere with your web browsing.While you browse the web , such malwares can easily track your web activities and add additional advertisements while loading pages in your browser.

To be safe with such malwares and malicious softwares you should install a reliable antivirus(avg,kaspersky,eScan) and full scan your computer.You should also download malware removers and anti malware tools such as Malwarebytes,which catches a lot of potentially unwanted program that most antivirus program fail to catch.

These programs usually try to sneak into your pc while you install other software and result in glitch system. Let us take a look at the next way how to speed up slow pc.

speed up slow pc and laptop

5.Adjust your graphics settings

The settings we use for the appearance and performance of windows largely impact the performance of your windows.Windows uses various graphical amplification’s to represent what’s going on you’re your operating system.Various visual effects like animations and flyouts does add some visual flair but they also suck down processor speed which causes longer duration for task completion.So, turning those settings off can result in faster system.

  • Click the Start button ‘type Performance’ in the search bar and select “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows”.
  • A new box appears with Performance Options .Make sure you select the ‘Visual Effects’ tab .
  • Windows lets you decide options , with each option having default settings.You can choose whether to ‘Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer’,’Adjust for best appearance’ OR ‘Adjust for best performance’
  • We recommend selecting the option for best performance for a slow system
  • To manually change settings , click on ‘Custom’ and tick/untick settings you wish to enable/disable.When done,Press ‘OK.’

how to speed up slow pc and laptop

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