Technology Reveals Fear and Other Emotions ???

Imagine if a machine can measure your deepest feeling then what would happen? And it’s going to happen in real life.

Dolby Labs chief scientist Poppy Crum reveal the news at the TED conference in Vancouver. She said that the new technology can measure fear and other emotions too.

At the conference, they measured the deepest feelings of an audience to show that how that machines work.

This proves that to hide your emotions in today’s era is impossible and it is a thing of the past.

We can use this technology to find out how someone else feels. She believes that this technology can guide in an era of empathetic(showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another) technology.

Poppy explained that peoples believed that they have the cognitive control over others emotions feelings bluffs or trials and tribulations. But not from now, she said: “Technologies can already distinguish a real smile from a fake one.”

She exposed that carbon dioxide exhaled by the audience was being monitored to demonstrate peoples action by using camera or microphone.

She also reveals that the lower to the ground of the theatre, there are the tubes of CO2.

According to her, the audiences are connected to a machine that measures with high precision and the continuous differential concentration of carbon dioxide.

After then she showed a real-time data visualization and outlining the changes in the destiny of the gas as larger and deeper colored clouds in that room.

Technology reveals fear and other emotions

She explained that the reaction made by audiences takes about 20 to 30 seconds to reach the machine.

The neurophysiologist studied the people watching movies and spent few years at Dolby Lab in order to observe the biophysical and emotional response of the human beings.

In order to observe people biophysical and emotional response, the volunteers are totally attached with the EEG (electroencephalogram) caps, the heart rate monitor, thermal imaging cameras and skin response sensors according to miss Crum.

She believes that the similar tech can improve people’s lives and make better.

Many different technologies make people’s life better such as hearing aid helps to the hearing by making sound audible to the persons with hearing loss and it can also identify the wearer stress and alter their volume.

Sensors can help a teacher to understand student behavior who are struggling to understand his lesson.

To improve people’s mental and physical health speech analysis technology are already developed, she added.

Source: BBC News


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