A router helps in the distribution of information from your internet modem inform of a wireless signal. You can use a router to connect many devices to the same network. This means that you will not worry about the lining of LAN cables in your house. There are different models of routers available in the market. Sometimes you may end up spending a lot of money on Wi-Fi routers, which are substandard because many routers are marketed using jargons that are not easily understood by average people. This article explains in details the best gaming router under $100 that you can buy. You can get the best cheap router in the market if you have less than $100.

1. Belkin AC1900

This Wi-Fi router enables you to enjoy the streaming of HO movies, playing games and browsing on Smartphone, laptops, and tablets. Installation of this Wi-Fi router is easy as you can either use your computer or your Smartphone. Belkin AC1900 router simultaneously uses two Wi-Fi bands. The first Wi-Fi band is 5 GH., which is suitable for gaming, ultra-fast media sharing and video streaming. Another Wi-Fi band is 2.40 GHz, which is ideal for wireless printing, web surfing and emailing.

Belkin AC1900 connects the Internet to parts of your home without experiencing any delay. This router ensures that your signal is strong for gaming and for video streaming even if your access is not near the router. You can easily stream HO movies. It has parental control, which blocks unwanted contents. Belkin AC1900 router has four ports that help you to connect to other additional devices and the best gaming routers of 2019.

Key Features of Belkin AC1900 Router

a) It enables multiple users to game and stream simultaneously

b) You can use a computer, a Smartphone and a tablet for setting up

c) It delivers at a very high speed. It is 4.3 faster than that of N technology.

d) It is compatible with other older devices such as wireless-N and wireless G technology.

The Pros of Belkin AC1900

 a) The quality of this router is unmatched

b) The looks of AC1900 are stunning

c) It is cost effective compared to the price of other routers in the market

d) It is a market leader in terms of fashion

e) It has great durability thus good for the environment

The Cons

a) It is a premium product in which some people may not like its quality level

b) Its network, which is Gigabit Ethernet, has become popular This means that soon most people are going to have it

c) Some people do not like the look of this router

2.TP-Link AC1200

Inside the router, there is a hardware, which offers a networking experience solid at a low price. This router is the best choice for people who have small and medium-sized apartments and people whose budget is low. It is used for online gaming and video streaming.

Features of TP-Link AC1200

a) It has a total bandwidth of 1 2bps

b) It has two external band antennas. The two external antennas offer reliable and faster wireless performance. These antennas help to maintain impressive speeds even at a greater distance.

c) It has dual ports, which are used to share files and printers across your local network. The USB 2.0 also enables you to share files and media through the FTP server regardless of the place you are in the world.

d) It has four-built in gigabit Ethernet ports. These ports provide stable connections to your wired devices such as TVs and DVRs.

The Pros of TP-Link AC1200

a) It has every affordable price

b) It has almost all the basics that most like such as Smartphone Apps

c) The speed of this router is 5GHz which is good compared to its price.

d) You can easily mount this router on your wall.

e) It has modern hardware. This hardware offers a Wi-Fi of high quality.

Cons of TP-Link AC1200

a) You can only use the smartphone app when you are connected to a TP-Link AC 1200 Wi-Fi. You cannot use the app when your phone is connected to a different Wi-Fi.

b) This TP-Link router is dust and fingerprint magnet

3.NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750

This Wi-Fi router is ideal for streaming and gaming. It has AC speed. For people who like streaming, the router Wi-Fi helps to stops the buffering thus you can enjoy streaming media uninterrupted.

Features of NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750

a) It provides external antennas that are highly powered and AC1750 Wi-Fi-450+1300 Mbps speed, which makes you have better Wi-Fi coverage for your home.

b) It uses beamforming+, which helps in boosting speed and performance for the two devices, which are 2.4GHZ devices and 5GHz devices.

c) It is ideal for homes that have more than 12 devices

d) It comes with an app called Netgear Genie, which helps you to manage your network using your phone.

e) NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 emits two Wi-Fi networks namely 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The Pros

a) It has an excellent range. You can get a signal for this Wi-Fi at a distance.

b) It has an Instant network for visitors. It has a separate network for visitors. This means that you have your privacy is enhanced because they cannot use your network.

c) It gives a priority to certain types of traffic. This helps to reduce video buffering and the disconnection of games.

d) It is easy to disable all the LEO lights

e) It has Build-in share feature, which you can easily use to share your USB printer over your network.

f) The admin control panel is well organized.

The Cons

a) It has a high upfront cost.

b) Compared to your typical router, it is a bit bigger in size.

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4. D-Link AC1750 OIR-859

This is a budget-friendly router designed for small and medium homes. It offers a wireless network which dual band with four gigabits ports.


a) It has three antennas, which are non-removable. This means it is difficult to swap these antennas for stronger high-gain antennas.

b) It has four gigabits LAN Ports with a measurement of 2.1 by 6.4 by 4.4 inches. It also has a WAN port and WPS button which are located on the rear panel.

c) This router only supports the older AC technology. It does not support direct -to -client Beamforming+ and MU-MIMO data streaming.

d) The 2.4 GHz bandwidth is used for our everyday task while the 5GHz bandwidth is used for online gaming and video streaming.

The Pros

a) It is affordable. The price of this router is not such high hence the small and medium-sized homes can afford it. It is the best within its price range.

b) You can easily know the number of people connected to your network. The home screen has a network map that you can use to see the number of clients connected to your network.

c) It has four Ethernet ports, which allows different computers to connect to the internet.

d) It is easy to set this router with a very simple user interface. The configurations of the user interface are also easy.

e) You can use this router to play games for a long time without experiencing problems.


a) This router does not have USB ports. This means you cannot share files and media through the internet b) It has antennas which are non-removable. Therefore, it is difficult to swap these antennas for more powerful antennas.

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5. Tenda AC18 Wireless-AC1900

This router has Beamforming+, a stronger speed than that of standard routers and external routers which makes you enjoy uninterrupted video streaming and lag-free gaming. It has a power saving feature to support your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Main Features

a) It has a dual processor, which is for a better Wi-Fi, LAN and USB devices performance,

b) The 15k Jumbo frame helps in the improvement of speedy forwarding of large data

c) It has a Wi-Fi button, which is for convenience of saving data

d) It has a USB port for the sharing of files and media.

e) Beamforming+ technology helps in the improvement of Wi-Fi performance and range.

The Pros

a) It has a USB3.0 port, which supports the transfer of files. You can download and upload large multimedia easily. The USB3.0 feature helps in the speedy transfer of files and sharing of multimedia.

b) This router has a Smart Wi-Fi schedule which help to turn on/off your Wi-Fi automatically thus saving power and time this feature helps to create an coo-friendly environment for your family.

c) It has a simple interface set up. Even for people who are not tech-savvy, the AC18 interface makes the set up look easy.

d) The three external antennas help to maintain high-speed signals even when you are at a greater distance. The beamforming technology helps to improve the signal of the Wi-Fi especially when you have a weak connection.


a) It lacks brand support

It is a challenge to find the best gaming router in the market, with a high bandwidth to help you meet the needs of your online gaming. The above-explained routers are relatively inexpensive; therefore, they can help you to meet the needs of your online gaming. If you do not have enough money to buy an expensive and best gaming router, then you should consider choosing the best cheap gaming router from the above explained post.

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