vlc media player hidden features

VLC Media Player Hidden Features !!!


VLC media player is the most versatile media player in the market. Regular windows comes with default media player, but we all know how it is. Windows media player do not support even basic file formats and have limited service capabilities. On the other hand, VLC Media Player runs most of the media file formats out there and even has a bunch of hidden features packed with it. VLC runs on Windows OS, Linux,  iOS and even on IBM’s OS2.

Most of us use VLC media player for basic features like playing a video file OR listening to music. We forget that it has so many capabilities. Today, I will lay out some of the amazing features it has to offer.

First of all, you have to have VLC media player installed. For this Visit the Official Website to Download VLC Media Player. And I would like you to try these features with me. let us start with our list of amazing VLC Media Player secret features.


Convert video formats

Yes, you heard it right. We can change the format of our videos with VLC. This feature comes in very handy and will certainly save you so much of your time. Sometimes, for a little task like changing a .MP4 video to .MP3, we take the hassle of installing video converters.

But, we easily forget this can be done in our media player itself. Let’s take a look at this easy process.

1. First, open your VLC Media Player. You can search for it but most of the time it is pinned in the taskbar. Click the icon and open the application.

2. You will come across VLC Media Player’s interface. This looks plain and simple but under it, there are tons and tons of unique features. Let’s carry on with the process.

3.Simply, Click on the Media tab on the upper left corner, followed by Convert/Save .

4.Next, Click on Add to select the local video file of your computer.

5. Browse through your folders and select the media you want to convert. Hit Convert/Save .

vlc media player hidden features


6. In the final process, you are to select the Profile of your output media file. Click it, and you will see the list of possible output formats you can select. It ranges form MP4, WMA to iPhone suitable media formats and many more. Check the list for yourself and select format of your choice.

7. Under the Destination, you are to choose the folder where you want to store the converted media file. Just browse through your folders and select a suitable one. Give your new file a name and you are good to go.

8. At last, hit Start and you are finally done with the process. Check your output folder for the converted file.


Change The Video Effects


We don’t just say  VLC Media Player as the best and the most versatile media player out there. It is because it offers sweet services like this, it is preferred by most of the users worldwide. Though the video effect features look basic but if done right you can produce amazing results. There are many options of effects available. Let us see, how we get started with them.

Open the VLC Media Player. In the top position there are a list of options.

1.Click on Tools and select Effects and Filters .

2.Under the Video Effects you can see lists of options you can choose. Features range from changing Colors, Geometry, AtomLight, Overlay and other advanced options. Let us look at what set of effects and edits options we have under those tabs.

vlc media player hidden features


In Geometry tab, you can transform your videos geometrically. You have options to rotate the video in certain degrees, creating Interactive Zoom.

The Overlay tab contains one of the interesting features. You can add any image or text in the background of the video. The transparency of the background image can be set to none going up to full. And we can position those text and images to our liking. Personally, I was pretty impressed with this feature.

In the Advanced tab, you have an option to Motion blur the video, which makes the video look really cool. There are additional effects that you can check for yourself. Take your time and go through those cool and refreshing features VLC has to offer.


Download Youtube videos


You may have come across various other ways to download videos from youtube. Well, add VLC Media Player on the list because we are about to see how you can download youtube videos from VLC. It is little tricky process than other downloaders but it is fun to learn something new.Let us dive into the process.


1. First of all copy the URL of the youtube video you want to download. Then, open the VLC media player application.

2. Click on Media followed by Open Network Stream .

3. Now, you will need to paste the copied URL in the box and hit Play .

4. Your video will now be loaded in the VLC interface itself. Hover your mouse on Tools then click Codec Information .

5. You will get the media information of the video. At the bottom of the box, you can see a location of the media file. Copy the location data and open your browser.

vlc media player hidden features


6. Finally, paste the location in the URL section and hit Enter. Simply, click on save and mission complete.


Bookmark your video


 This might be the simplest and yet the most useful one I am about to share. While you casually watch your movies, it is one hell of a burden to play the movie from the part where you last left off. This simple trick will save you from those burdens.

VLC Media Player offers something called Custom Bookmarks. You can bookmark video to the current time where you pause it. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. While playing the video, pause it at the time you want to create a bookmark.

2. Under Playback followed by Custom Bookmarks, click on Manage.

3. In the edit bookmark box, you will see whether you have previous bookmark on that video or not. To add a new bookmark, just click Create and you are done.

vlc media player hidden features


4. Next time when you play that video file again, follow steps 1 & 2 and select the bookmarked timing.


This is it for today. There are more VLC Media Player  secret features to uncover. Keep in touch for further blogs like this one. Until then, check out Command Prompt Secrets .

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