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If you are a writer, blogger or a publisher looking forward to contributing at techhubnepal.com then this is the right place for you.

We are accepting articles from authors to promote their ideas, thoughts, and opinions without any cost.

i.e If you are a blogger and want to contribute your article on “Mobile phones” will be published here at techhubnepal.com if and only if it’s valid, genuine and copyright free article.

How to contribute at techhubnepal.com?

If you are looking for a permanent account for contribution then you can sign up for techhubnepal.com from our home page. It’s pretty simple and easy to create and verify account here at techhubnepal.com. You can then contact us via email at info@techhubnepal.com.

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What about Guest Publishing or Guest Articles?

I don’t want a permanent account but I want to contribute as a Guest Writer or as a Guest Blogger. 

Will that be possible? 

Yes, we are also accepting guest articles from writers to promote their products as well as to promote their profiles. You can send us an email at info@techhubnepal.com

Do I get my article published immediately?

Ans: No, we don’t allow that it’s because we really need to verify your article before publishing. If it is spam free or not, If it’s copyright free or not, If citations are valid or not, If references are valid or not.

What are the categories that you don’t accept?

Ans: There are the categories we don’t accept like Gambling, Cash Making, Guns, Drugs, Casino, Malware Softwares and web platforms. If your article doesn’t fall into these categories then you will get higher chances to publish your article for free.

If any more queries we would like to have them as well via email info@techhubnepal.com, we will try to reply you ASAP.

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